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Personal training

Personal training is there to help you achieve certain fitness goals, including but not limited to weight loss, strength, toning, or overall health management. Since each of us has an extremely different fitness level than personal training requires an individual approach.

Of course, I am here to motivate, educate, and coach you to achieve results and attain your individual short-term and long-term goals. Every single training session is designed to challenge you, which makes it so effective. With personal training, there’s guidance and reassurance that you are performing the exercises with the correct technique, without the risk of injury. From one training session to the next, you will be challenged at the right intensity for you with the appropriate training methods to keep you progressing in every session. Each training session lasts an hour and you will be guided from warm-up, all the way through to stretching. You can choose a package of 10, 12, or 14 workouts over 30 days.

yfitnesslab deyan cvetkovic personal trainer training fitness ems speedfitness
yfitnesslab deyan cvetkovic personal trainer training fitness ems speedfitness

Online training

Mostly because of the pandemic, people realized it is much more cost-effective, time-saving and flexible to train in your own home with an expert trainer of your choice. After you are done, just hop in the shower and some clean clothes, not to mention your own kitchen is just a step away!

Online training is a new and exciting way for me to offer my clients what they need, when they need it, without the limitations and expenses of the gym In this way I can also provide a better, more cost-effective service than even in person. The time and effort spent going to the gym, can be better spent with your loved ones, not to mention that this enables people to continue training with their favourite trainers when they move abroad or even after an injury or a job-change that prevent them from leaving the house.

We have several options here. One option is that you are already in tune with your fitness routine but you lack a plan + support and guidelines. Here you get a plans and programs of exercises that you do in the gym, compiled according to your needs. Another option is that you prefer guided training from home via camera (Viber, WhatsApp, Facetime) with equipment such as rubber bands, balls, screws, etc. This option is most similar to personal training because it involves a certain number of training sessions over 30 days.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is for everyone experiencing debilitating pain or limitation in scope of their movements due to injury. Also, the focus can be on prevention and care. For example, if you have chronic lower back pain and you want to avoid injury or further pain in the future, I might be able to help you build strength and use strategies to protect your physical health and well-being.

As a Speedfitness EMS Instructor, I worked on electrostimulation training with athletes, increasing performance as well as recovery after injuries. I have also worked with kinesitherapy and kinesiological training with parachutists.

If you’ve been medically cleared to start a regular exercise programs and you’d like expert advice in developing an exercise routine, then we schedule an examination and consultation to determine what would be most appropriate and effective during physical therapy.

yfitnesslab deyan cvetkovic personal trainer training fitness ems speedfitness
yfitnesslab deyan cvetkovic personal trainer training fitness ems speedfitness


Kinesitherapy is defined as movement therapy. It is based on the knowledge of biomechanics and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, which help diagnose various causes of your symptoms. Moreover, the use of muscular relaxation techniques, along with active and passive stretching or mobilizations releases all release tension that limits mobility in your joints and causes all your symptoms. Tension limit the mobility of your joints and cause your symptoms.

Having been the Physiotherapist and Head of physiotherapy teams in various medical centers for over 10 years, my overall working practices stem from working with patients with neurological problems using kinesitherapy, patients after trauma, corrective and developmental exercise with children with special needs, manual massage, work with patients with Multiple Sclerosis.